About Us

Helion Hydrogen Power:
a Key Player in the Hydrogen Energy Industry.

Our experience is the result of almost 20 years of activity, relying on a skilled and multidisciplinary team, a recognized hydrogen safety expertise and a solid partners network. We design, manufacture and commercialize PEM* fuel cells stacks and systems for Energy and Transport applications.
* Proton Exchange Membrane

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Our positioning


Helion Hydrogen Power has a unique positioning:

  • As fuel cell core technology manufacturer, we supply our own PEM* fuel cell (FC) stacks
  • As fuel cell and hydrogen system maker, we commercialize two product lines to address several markets i.e. the MISTRAL fuel cell power system and the fully-integrated hydrogen battery, so-called Greenergy Box TM
  • As hydrogen technologies expert, we offer engineering services and turnkey hydrogen solutions including electrolyzer, hydrogen refueling station, etc.



value chain

PEM FC stack design

FC & H2 battery system design

Stack & system Manufacturing

Engineering support

Commissioning & staff training

"From design to manufacturing and from on-site installation to local training, our teams are committed to provide the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs."




Our history


Based in Aix-en-Provence, HELION hydrogen Power has been created in 2001 by TechnicAtome (nuclear naval propulsion French company) in order to develop and spread out Fuel Cell technologies as an alternative solution for nuclear propulsion.

2001 Creation of HELION - Development of the first H2/O2 fuel cell anaerobic prototype
2003 Diversification of our activities towards stationary and transport applications
2006 Acquisition of PEM electrolysis by technology transfer from AREVA GmbH
2007 Creation of the AREVA’s Renewable Business Group, HELION becomes a Business Unit
2010 First fully-integrated electrolyzer and FC system, the Greenergy Box TM,
2012 Official inauguration of the MYRTE platform, hydrogen-based energy storage chain coupled     with a photovoltaic plant (Ajaccio)
2013 HELION becomes AREVA Stockage d’Energie
2014 Creation of AREVA H2Gen, subsidiary dedicated to the electrolysis activity
2017 Strategic realignment – new product lines and high power positioning
2019 HELION Hydrogen Power becomes AREVA Energy Storage’s new commercial brand
2021 ALSTOM acquires HELION Hydrogen Power which becomes ALSTOM Hydrogène SAS