INSUL' GRID : Experimental hybrid power plant for Renewable Energy Sources production & storage

Smart Grid


INSUL’GRID is a Research & Development program which aims at validating a hybrid solution of energy storage and production in order to make non-interconnected areas energy-independent.

A hybrid energy system including a lithium battery and a hydrogen chain (electrolyzer, fuel cell and gas storage) was implemented near Bordeaux (France). This system is connected to a 240 m² photovoltaic panels field, and a virtual wind turbine. Furthermore, a specific Energy Management System (EMS) was developed in order to optimize the operation of the whole system.

As part of this project, HELION Hydrogen Power supplied the Hydrogen battery, a GreEnergy BoxTM with a capacity of 50 kW.

Partners: VALOREM, Estia and Laplace laboratories.

With financial support of: Aquitaine region, BPI France

Date: 2016