MYRTE: Hydrogen-based experimental platform for energy production and storage

Smart Grid


The MYRTE experimental platform implements the coupling of solar energy with a hydrogen chain as an energy carrier for the storage of renewable energies. Labeled by the Capenergies competitiveness cluster, the project aims at studying, under real conditions, such coupling in order to solve the technical constraints related to a massive penetration of renewable energies in the insular Corsican grid.

Located in Ajaccio, at the Georges Peri scientific research center of the University of Corsica, the photovoltaic power plant of 560 kW produces the consumption for about 200 households. To guaranty a continuous power supplied by the plant, HELION Hydrogen Power first installed the hydrogen chain, involving an electrolyzer (which converts electricity into hydrogen and oxygen during the hours of low consumption) and of a fuel cell (which converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity directed to the grid during peak consumption). The GreEnergy BoxTM, a fully integrated hydrogen battery, was added to the existing facilicty in 2014, bringing the total power capacity to 170 kW. This innovative solution also produces heat that can be used to provide hot water and heating for the annex buildings.

Partners: University of Corsica, CNRS (Scientific Research National Center), CEA (The French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies office)

With financial support of: the European Union, the French State, the Corsican Regional Authority

Date: 2010