PEPITE: Experimental platform for the management of intermittent renewable energies from Electrochemical technologies

Smart Grid
Smart Grid


The PEPITE project aims at establishing several hybrid architecture models of Photovoltaic / Hydrogen chain for remote site, micro-grid and grid connected applications.  Through this project, HELION Hydrogen Power first developed a PEM electrolyzer of 0.5 Nm3/h, which was then tested at the CEA headquarters. At the same time, a specific sizing tool was implemented in order to define the optimized hybridization of the subsystems according to several criteria. From these generic investigations, a field-testing at HELION Hydrogen Power’s headquarters in Aix-en-Provence enabled to validate both the architecture and the optimized sizing. Thus, the GreEnergy BoxTM (22 kW electrolyzer / 13 kW fuel cell), a demonstration process based on an integrated hydrogen chain, provided an experimentation basis for the Photovoltaic/ Hydrogen hybrid architecture coupled with batteries, in an islanding mode. This application was certified by the Capenergies competitiveness cluster and TENERRDIS.

Partners: University of Corsica, CEA, CNRS (Scientific Research National Center), INPT-Laplace, Armines, Alphea hydrogène, ARER

With the financial support of: ANR (French National Research Agency)

Date: 2011